Pattern Submission Guidelines

I am currently working on adding the remaining patterns from Design Patterns, Gamma, et. al. (GOF) and Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Buschmann, et. al. (POSA1), so do not submit patterns from these sources without first contacting me. Generally, you should let me know if you wish to add patterns to insure your work is not duplicated by someone else. If I receive multiple submissions, I will pick the one I like best, or merge them as I see fit.

Pattern submissions should be HTML using this Pattern Template (Note: right-click and download this file!) and worded like the others here:

Email the html file to me as an attachment to a message and send it to our mail address In the body of the message, include:

Keep it Short

Remember, this is a pattern Digest! All pattern submissions must be SHORT ideally 1..2 printed pages. Generally, pattern languages should be broken-out into individual patterns with the first pattern serving as an index and introduction. The category for patterns in a language should include the name of the pattern language. And, avoid plagerism!! State the pattern in your own words, do not just copy text from a book.

The current standard pattern categories are: Creational, Behavioral, Structural, Architectural or language Idiom (e.g. C++ Idiom, Java Idiom, etc.) Potential future categories may include: Framework, Domain (possibly subcategorized by a specific domain), Analysis, Process, Organizational, User-Interface and Reuse. I am open to recommendations for additional categories.

Disclaimer: The Pattern Digest reserves the right to choose what patterns are added to the catalog, to edit any submissions to fit the objectives and style of this catalog and to remove any content at any time without notice for any reason.

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