Applied Software Design Patterns Books

Applied software design and architecture pattern books CDs about applying or understanding patterns that are not specifically oriented towards any single programming tool or language.

Adaptive Object-Oriented Software

This book presents a methodology for adaptive programming. Lieberherr's method is a new approach that goes beyond object encapsulation and hard-coded navigation paths to achieve more flexible interactions among objects. Programmers using this method work at a higher, schematic level of abstraction; graph notation represents the class structure and a 'propagation pattern' language tells how to distribute meaningful methods - including navigation - across the structure. Using this method, programmers can easily adapt and modify programs as they evolve. This book can be used with the Demeter Tools Version 5.5, or with any other approach.

Design Patterns Explained

This guide for software developers describes the basic principles underlying object-oriented programming and design patterns. The volume begins with introductory material on object-oriented software development and the limitations of traditional object-oriented design. The rest of the text is devoted to an exploration of ten commonly-used design patterns, such as the facade, adapter, bridge, observer, double-checked locking, and factory method patterns.

Joy of Patterns

Introduces the core concepts of using patterns for computer system design, explaining context and form and the role forces play in understanding the appropriateness of using patterns. The author describes the various places where patterns can be applied in the software development cycle, and explains their benefits

Pattern Approach to Interaction Design

Borchers (Stanford U.) shows software designers how to use patterns to capture and structure user interface design knowledge that emerges from their projects, and how to use that knowledge to understand each other's design principles and solutions when working with clients and software developers. As an example, he presents a pattern language for designing interactive exhibits.

Software Patterns

A management briefing on the patterns approach to software development, explaining its strengths and weaknesses and showing examples of implementations. Most treatments are for everyday programmers. Includes both the technical and non-technical aspects, aesthetics and values, a short history of the approach, and information on project management and education

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